Spiritual and moral danger is everywhere! Can we excuse our non-involvement?

Coffee With The Lord

warning danger

Someone we pass during the day is in danger, has an emergency, or is clearly facing a crisis. Will we stop and warn them? Will we do something to intervene? Will we help? Periodically we hear the sad news reports of individuals who were facing situations like this and neighbors or passersby choosing not to get involved or help those in crisis or danger. The excuses given are many, but one recurring flimsy, pathetic excuse is “I didn’t know! – I didn’t realize!” Makes you wonder…

It’s bad when it involves physical danger… It’s equally bad (or worse) when it involves spiritual danger! Spiritual crisis or danger has consequences not only for time, but for eternity! Christians who have experienced the love and “salvation” (i.e. the rescue) of God have responsibilities at both levels! And it is inexcusable for us to offer lame excuses like “I didn’t realize!”


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