Relationships are hard. aren’t they? hard work I mean.

ME COFFE DAY Oct 17 2015Good relationships is like walking a tight rope sometimes. It’s definitely a

developed skill. Learning how to avoid subjects that are not necessary is

a big Key (Politics and all that) because we have to learn to ask ourselves

“in the whole scheme of things’ how much does this really matter? In order

to function in our relationships there has to be give and take and two way

conversations. It’s not about one person being on top and the other at the

bottom. It’s not about one person feeling safe and not the other. Much is

needed in the form of communication and prayer, love and care, patience

kindness and all that stuff. the truth is there is times we don’t have time to

do all that with everyone so we make choices as to how we spend our time

(and who we spend it with). There are overly needy people who maybe need

to learn to get a grip and just let God be their friend at times. Every person

is different as my grandson Colton just told me at age 5 “not everyone is

the same grandma’ he said………wise words of a 5 year old.

Once we get the devil out of the way we can start talking. He has no right

to interfere with our relationship and we really do need to tell him to scram!

(Spiritual war fare 101) then we can get down to business.

I have learned standing up for Jesus doesn’t mean I have to talk about

him personally every minute of the day he knows I love him. He knows my

heart and he also knows that restoration requires peeling away the layers

of our very soul to see what makes us tick and why. He wants to do heart

surgery on us he wants to have US know what makes us tick and he wants

to show us how our thinking (in our very soul) at times is not always his best

for us or for others. I was thinking how the cross goes up and down (us and

our relationship with GOD) and across representing our relationship with

others. Without God in the midst of it all things just “don’t seem to work”

although we can speak truth without necessarily quoting a scripture every

minute of the day. I didn’t used to know this; but now I do.

what makes you tick (and why?) do you even know. One of Jesus’ names

is counsellor and I believe it (his name is counsellor) I remember this from

years ago and always seem to fall back on it. Please Father by your Spirit

be my counsellor” In Jesus’ name We pray! Amen -Laura Grace

Author of grace to Grow and other books available on Kindle.


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