Getting closer to God #5 be Set apart (Holy)

Sometimes we just have no peace about something and we don’t know why. the bible says to be at peace with all men if it’s possible. There are those who are peace with certain things while others are not at peace with it. I know Moses had to say “hold your peace and let God fight the battle” (Be still) but there are other times the bible said prophets were told not to hold their peace. TO be Holy Means to be set apart. Part of that is to not think like the rest of the world but we grow into this little by little. The seed of God is holy and it makes us “BE COME” Holy it’s not an overnight instant presto thing but a process.

It’s like sometimes they were holding their peace and like Jeremiah said “There is a fire in my bones and I cannot hold it in” He was troubled and could not be at peace with what was going on and had to talk about it.

I have learned that often when I try to explain why I am not at peace with something it’s not always a thing I can explain really in intellectual terms.

Righteousness and Peace go Hand in Hand. Righteousness with God is right standing with God. It will involve Justice, Mercy and all that God is and how he believes.

As we come into agreement with what God believes about a situation we are peace with him. Jesus said I didn’t come to bring peace but a sword (which causes division at times) which sounds ilke he is saying be at peace but don’t be at peace. Why is this? See, it really is about what God is teaching you at the time. when he wants you to learn something new you won’t be at peace with the way you used to do things. and that is a GOOD THING.

There is lots of stuff I used to do that I now do not do because I have learned and grown and that’s how it should be. Please Father help us not to be stuck in our ways and help us to go forward in you whatever that means to us personally. In Jesus’ name. “HELP US GROW” ……amen -Laura GraceBE set apartauthor of Grace to grow and Grace to there rescue available at Amazon and Tate Publishing.


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