Leaders: What type are you?


Leaders: You are one whether you think so or not.

I often feel misunderstood. Whether it’s true or not, I have no idea. I remember wanting to be a motel manager someday so I could make a better experience for my guests. The vision was born of pain when I stayed in Motels and spent the only 40.00 I had for the purpose of enjoying myself with my children and I would have maids beat on the door at 8:30 or 9 am. they just didn’t know how that time of sleeping in and enjoying the children was perhaps the only chance

I had that year or there were other times $5 off would have made a
huge difference in whether we could afford breakfast and the motel. Therefore I prayed to manage a motel someday so I could make others lives brighter, better and give them the gift I never had. I was the same way about property management for a long time remembering how it was to have no credit and be denied a place to live even though Yes, I did almost always pay my rent on time.

All of how I view life seems to be based on do unto others as you would have done unto you or do as you wish had been done unto you. My songs have often been born of pain and a fight to overcome it. My life is a living testimony of saying guess what devil YOU don’t get to win and turn me into the bitter angry person you sought for me to be. I will love people I will give what I often did not have and I will continue to pray NOT ONLY to be a light but to be a practical and blessed help to whomever I can find to receive it.

I don’t remember ever wanting to be a leader for the high of bossing people around. In fact I did not aspire to be one until one day I realized Leaders who lead by both example and words of wisdom are always needed. The world doesn’t need more gestapo type leaders or dictators we need examples of love, light, truth and mercy. we need examples of humility in our lives. We need examples of forgiveness and grace.

Leaders who have inspired me are the ones who get up and keep on fighting to forgive, produce the fruits of righteousness and faithfulness and peace, kindness and others attributes of God in their lives despite all the pain and despite all the odds that seem to be arrayed against them. Leaders. What types of leaders have inspired you?

I know Jesus was not the leader Israel expected him to be he did not take over and overthrow the government entities. He did not slay his enemies and he did not smash the wicked into pieces. He told his disciples they would be hated and they were. He healed everyone that came to him he taught everyone that truly wanted to know. He loved unconditionally but he did not take abuse until the day he was appointed to die and take the lashes and pain that we Deserved but he did not deserve. He did all this to win us and reconcile us back to God the Father in heaven so we could have a relationship with Him.

No power of earth or devil of hell is going to tell me I can’t have a relationship with my Father in heaven and walk and talk with him ever again. However I do allow him to teach me what he wants me to know not what I wish to know at the time because I see myself as “his child.”I see myself as learning to become (more) like him and I pray each & every day that’s exactly what will happen. How about you? How do you see Christianity? What do you think it all means? When the seas are calm and he’s provided all you need to live what do you find is most important to you? A relationship with him or “everything else”……..

Good question eh …….? End of Sunday morning sermon! -by Laura Grace (and you are a leader whether you think so or not)
Someone somewhere is watching and you don’t even know it.


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