Getting closer to God tip #3 Be willing

Getting closer to God tip #3 Be willing to learn new things! For those of us who cherish what God has taught or given to us; believe me when I say:

I understand the fear of learning something new that may seem to step on the old at the time. An example I can give you is the Lord taught me that by giving up certain types of Music I was making room for him to plant good things in my heart which would lead to well, more of HIM in my heart rather than this “junk music’ I used to listen to all the time.

The revelation was so real that for years I was unwilling to listen to any so called “worldly music” ever and I got a little bit too extreme.
God taught me a new thing one day as I was reading Ecclesiastes in a passage which said “don’t be overly wise” Why should you ruin yourself? The timing was perfect.

I sat there stumped thinking how can you be overly wise? but as I asked the Lord to expand on this he showed me I had gotten out of balance and that in doing so it wasn’t really glorifying him as much as I thought it was at the time. I had even become a little self righteous over my “no worldly music’ stance. OUCH …..

thank you God for always helping me be willing to learn new things. that’s how I grow. Amen -Laura Grace

BE WILLING to learn new things


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