We need to look after the widows and orphans……by Laura grace

NEWS FLASH: Spiritual Orphans

I just had a huge revelation just now- I know it was God causing me to see this. It was one of those big huge light bulb moments!

There are spiritual orphans. remember when Jesus said I won’t leave you as orphans? and later in James it talks about taking care of widows and the fatherless. It doesn’t just mean little kids with no dad. It means little kids spiritually who have no spiritual dad because their dad or mom or both do not serve God.

They are fatherless. They go to church looking for family because they know deep down they are like orphans. They feel like orphans. Often they find a whole lot of people who have parents who do serve God and there is generational blessing going down the line in church and that’s terrific! We have many churches where Mom, Dad Grandma or lots of family served God and now the kids serve God. But sometimes Spiritual Orphans do not get taken care of very well in these settings. So when James said “take care of orphans” he did not mean just go and find an orphanage to serve in. OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS HUGE!

Now I understand myself better and the ministry I have found myself in and why I have had certain things happen in my life.CALLING US TO BE GOD RESTORES

Praise GOD still contemplating this. AS always with God there will be more!

Laura Grace


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