Getting close to God #2 Be sincere and honest with your saviour.

I am always sincere and honest with God. People who just see me in public forums don’t know even a fraction of what I discuss with him or talk to him about. I tell him if I don’t believe something and why and then I ask him to please convince me and help me to see things his way. If I read a book hear a sermon or someone just gives me a word I hold it up to the light and say: “I will stand before you in the end Father I have to know what you want me to believe and what you want me to do about everything.”

I gather with other believers but ultimately the Lord is my Shepherd and no one else He is the one I will answer to.

When I feel like giving up “I tell him.” but I also say help me not to! He is not likely to heal our hurts if we don’t go to him with that as he is funny that way, so long as we trust in other sources besides him he will patiently wait for us to come back to him and say: “Lord I need you” ….I really need you……….”

and he already knows we do. -Laura GraceBE sincere and honest


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