Striving and debating by Laura Grace

Debating and Striving: There are people that love to argue. They love to debate. they love to strive. The fun of the debate is to win at all costs (to win the debate). There is pride involved. I keep hearing don’t hold back share what you know and stand up for what God taught you. Just because our battle is not against flesh and blood does not mean we do not DEAL wtih flesh and blood. are you listening …….Proverbs tells us how to deal with flesh. don’t argue with a fool. He who rebukes a fool is like one who…….and it talks about how it’s better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool in his folly.

So ….Pray yes be spiritual but if you argue with someone bent on foolish ness you will get a blemish or all scratched up …or beat up! If you try to pray it off them you’ll wear yourself out for no reason. (and think you are super spiritual doing that) ……When you were raising kids and they talk back do you drive a demon off them or put them in the time out chair? Parents were given authority to drive the foolishness out of their children with discipliine. grown people who want to be foolish need to be left to their foolishness and don’t wear yourself out all the time thinking it’s the devil because it isn’t.

Here’s the scripture it’s from Proverbs IF YOU are wise you are wise to yourself. if you are a fool You alone will bear it. …….-Laura Grace

and PS you can’t be close to people like this so stop wearing yourself out trying! I am speaking to myself also. In the light.

author of Grace to Grow and grace to the rescue IS LIGHT AND IN HIM IS NO DARKNESS


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