CHOSEN ……what does it mean? Word of Knowledge

CALLING US TO BEGood Morning! I am going to share something with you the Lord just revealed to me and I have studied my bible for years (and attended many sermons; and read many books as well.) No man Showed me this The Holy Spirit showed me. This is a word of knowledge too.

There were 12 disciples. All were called. Who was chosen (and why?)

Judas was not chosen (but he was called) because he followed Jesus but he did not receive from Jesus NOR let it change him. He went along but he was offended. So he sold out Jesus for some pieces of silver.

11 chosen out of 12.

Why? Because they fasted more? Prayed more? “claimed it” (More often?) They followed, they went (with Jesus) they pondered, they made mistakes and in the end “they learned” to be Jesus’ disciples (and later Apostles). Now is this an example to us of how to be chosen? I believe so! And our bible says “If everything” Jesus did was written down there would not be enough books to contain it all” …….and that’s why I write books (besides I”m called to do it and chosen)

Laura Grace: Author of Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow Sons of God, ABC’s of God, Relationship is Everything and other books forthcoming on Amazon. Search and see! 🙂


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