Kind of Excited today! (pardon me) but Praise the Lord!

thank you God for this new Day! Well I am excited today I published yet another

Kindle book yesterday called the ABC’s of Christianity. I have several books that

are started now. I went to church (today) several members of the congregation

have purchased my book and I have donated Grace to the Rescue and Grace

to Grow to our local public library. A woman in church said “reading your book

has inspired me to finally start writing.” I am so happy about this! 🙂

I intend to keep pouring out on the pages as much as the Lord has poured into

me! (which is a lot by the way!). He did say as much as you have given “freely

give’ and so far I am still in the red on my writing projects however at least one

book all the proceeds are already spoken for to the widow of my dear friend

minister Diamond. All proceeds will go to her in honor of him on the book “sons

of God.” I am working in my local community and am not writing to become rich

or famous. I fully intend that what is over and above the cost of writing will go to

various charities. I have donated books all over the place and am rejoicing that

God is allowing me to do my part for his Kingdom! Praise the Lord!

Here’s my author central link if you are interested:

With love prayers and blessings

Laura Grace


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